söndag 26 mars 2017

Gjort ett skivomslag till Mikael Fässberg

Så här skriver Mikael om det kommande släppet.
Jag fotograferade och gjorde designen på omslaget..

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the second installment in my little road trip to sixties swinging London, that I took with my old mate Paul DiAnno.
About 2 years ago I remembered an all nighter we had in Russia together, during a 3 week tour. We were traveling by train, and sat for hours in the restaurant car just chatting away about our mutual love for everything Steve Marriott... I contacted Paul about maybe recording some Small Faces songs, since we were doing some Scandinavian shows later that year. Paul was up for it, so I gathered the entire touring band, and we ended up recording this, and "Lazy Sunday", that I released a few months afterwards.
"All or Nothing" will be out on all digital platforms through Warner distribution in 2 weeks time.
I hope you´ll like it.

Mikael Fässberg: Lead & Rythm Guitars, background vocals
Paul Dianno: Lead vocals
Staffan Österlind: Guitars
Johan Helgesson: Drums
Rasmus Ehrnborn: Bass & Keyboards
Peter Larsson: Background vocals
Produced by Mikael Fässberg & Staffan Österlind
Tracked by Rasmus Ehrnborn
Mixed and mastered by Staffan Österlind
Cover photo & artwork by Lars Brundin-som även finns här på Spotify!