söndag 13 maj 2018

Fotograf! Vill du åka till Wilson/USA?

Jag har själv deltagit i projektet med bilder i Wilson efter en inbjudan, fantastiskt kul! Dock ej aldrig varit där. Men nu kan du åka.
Min vän Jerome skriver så här.... 

Dear Friends Photographers,

I hope that you are very well.
As you may know, we launched the second year of our residency program,  we are looking for 10 photographers.
The first available month is July 2018, the last one is April 2019.

We provide a beautiful space in the heart of our city, all rent and utilities paid for by the Festival.
There is a small stipend of $500 paid on the day of your arrival, see the website for all the details.

Jan Wünsch, Juan Arredondo, Rémy Artiges, Keith Dannemiller, Juan Giraldo, Juan Madrid, Diana Bagnoli, Jeremy Dennis, Amsatou Diallo, Kajal Nisha Patel, Sandeep Biswas and Giovanni Urgelles have each stayed with us in Wilson for one month, delivering a very impressive collective portfolio around our City and County, covering the daily life of Wilson. An exhibition of the first eight resident photographers, in a new indoor gallery, is another huge highlight of this Festival.

Please do not hesitate to apply yourself. We may be a small town, but the hungry photographer will always find something very interesting to photograph. Plus you will enjoy the charm and kindness of the residents. You will be producing a strong body of work without the stress of some of your assignments, no deadlines, no editors on the phone, just you and your camera, no one else, the dream reportage (except for the fact that we will not make you rich, but who can nowadays in photo journalism?).
Combined with our Children Photography Program (run by Peter Fitzpatrick and his docents), we must be one of the most photographed community in the world -and these happy kids will challenge your own work, as you will be amazed by the sheer quality of their photographs, I am no kidding you.

And if you can not come yourself, please share it with friends (photographers only) as we are excited to have 10 new photographers. The deadline to apply is Sunday June 3, do not miss it.

I am looking forward to hear back from you.
At the bottom of this message, a link to my Kickstarter campaign.
This is one way for us to finance all my projects (including displaying your large photographs). The money will mostly come  from the world of photography, editors, docents, and of course photographers. This is our family, that is the way of life.
I wish you all the very best,

Warm regards,